World AIDS Day – Kuta Beach Walk – Sunday, 1st December 08.30am – 10.30am

Please give 2 hours on Sunday, 1st December and join B.U.A.H.A ‘s World AIDS Day – Beach Walk.

This event is being organized to raise awareness of the plight of HIV & AIDS in Bali – promoting HIV testing, safe sex, education and providing support for positive people in our community.

B.U.A.H.A is a community collective of several HIV and AIDS foundations, corporate sponsors and  concerned citizens who understand the problems of HIV/AIDS in Bali and who are committed to ending the epidemic that Bali currently faces.

We seek your support to join us (and other like-minded companies and citizens) in a 90-minute beach walk, from Hard Rock Café to Gado Gado Beach (Jln Dyhana Pura) to show your support in the fight against HIV / AIDS. 

We invite you to assemble a ‘float’ promoting your company and your message to help all of us to fight this deadly virus. Your participation is free of charge.  Your participation will help to spread the word that Bali needs to work together to fight this war.  Your participation will demonstrate your commitment to help increase awareness of the need of safe sex and support those in need in our community.

Your ‘float’ might be comprised of a banner, signs, sandwich boards, posters, balloons, tee shirts…anything you can think of to help convey the message.  Each group should consist of  5-10 (or more persons) from your company, social club, or group of friends.  You are encouraged to dress up, create a themed message, play music and bring friends to help us convey the message ‘ Bali United Against HIV / AIDS’ (Kelompok Bali Peduli AIDS). 


Please confirm your expression of interest to any of the following contacts: 

Bali Rainbow Community - brcommunity2012@gmail.com
Bali Peduli - tono.gwl.ina@gmail.com
Yayasan Kerti Praja - rudisquish@yahoo.com
Yayasan Gaya Dewata - gayadewata@yahoo.com
Yayasan Spirit Paramacitta  - putuutami@yahoo.com.sg


If you would like to participate in the beach walk – it’s easy.  Simply confirm your expression of interest to any of the above contacts before November 15th, 2013 and indicate how many people you are likely / hoping to bring – the more the better. 

On the day, (SUNDAY 1stDecember) you are required to be at the assembly point on the beach no later than 08.00am – in front of Hard Rock Café.  Participants will be invited to sign a 10 metre banner showing your support for our fight against AIDS – and receive a RED RIBBON to join the walk.  Your Float will also be allocated a number and the parade will depart strictly at 08.30am !! (Don’t forget to being a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat!)

Along the walk, you’re encouraged to hand out flyers, brochures, dance, sing, whatever you wish – to help convey the very important message of Bali’s need to fight this terrible virus. 

Individuals can also join – this is community event  - so please join us.

At the end of the walk, your red ribbon will determine your eligibility to receive the WONDERFUL GIFT BAGS.

Additional sponsorship / promotion available

Promote your products / business and contribute 300 samples / products / vouchers / discount cards for our GIFT BAGS.  Items need to be small, and lightweight.  Can include company brochures, logo’s, cards, pens, snacks, etc, and have a time limit of minimum 30 days.

For any promotional items – please contact desmond@sourcing-bali.com  - items need to be available for collection by 28th November 2013.

Media will be invited to this event along with special guests and celebrities – this is a PERFECT opportunity to promote your business FREE OF CHARGE and show your support for this problem. 

HIV / AIDS affects ALL of us in Bali, and the virus is spreading at alarming levels.  We need to act NOW, and we need to work together to help stop it.

Will you help us?

Bali United Against HIV / AIDS / B.U.A.H.A
Klompok Bali Peduli AIDS

Please support this event.
All funds raised will go to Yayasan Kerti Praja and their HIV and CD4 testing program.  As the funding from AusAid has been suspended, this benefit event is especially important in order to continue vital CD4 testing for HIV+ individuals.  We look forward to seeing you at this fantastic venue for a wonderful night of great food and wine and good people coming together for a very worthy cause.
Sept 3rd, 2013   from 6:00 pm at  Desa Seni, A Village Resort
IRD  350,000 all inclusive, dinner and drinks.
For tickets please contact Howard at:
or call:
Tel. +62-361-844-6392
HP. +62-81-139-6760

Hi all.
Tickets are now for sale, and selling quick.
Be sure that you get your ticket for this amazing event.
See more details about the event, and how to get your ticket.
Best wishes

Saturday night in Bali. The condom man is in- and outside the bars, handing out free condoms, and flyers with information about HIV/AIDS. He is doing a great job, and hopefully the people will understand the importance of having safe sex.

1-6-2013 BRC will have the next big charity event. Venue and theme will come later.
Keep an eye on this blog.
We've distributed NEW brochures and flyers!

The new poster, brochures and posters are now completed and have been distributed to Bali Joe, Mixwell, Dicks, and Facebar,
Bali's popular spots in Dhyana Pura street!

Bali Rainbow Community understand how VITAL it is that each Bar posts these onto the walls in bathrooms and has access to the brochures,
so that everyone read and understand the messages.

In March 2013 we have also developed a design for a small pocket size flyer with messages of getting tested etc – these 3500 pcs have been given to bars
and Gaya Dewata to be given out on ‘HIV awareness nights' by the bars' and to the public.

Stay tuned for the release of our CONDOM-MAN to the bar crowds and Seminyak beaches.!

Bali Rainbow Community is happy to announce the launching of our CONDOM-MAN!

As of 1st of April 2013, we will be working together with Bali Joe, Mix Well and Facebar, on Bali's most popular bars in Dhyana Pura street, introducing our Condom-Man to the crowds!

Beside from helping 6 positive patients with financial support for medical and hospital expenses,
we are bringing Condom-Man with new brochures and flyers informations to be distributed throughout the community to help raise awareness of the importance of safe sex and the need to get tested !

Please stay tuned for more news from us!




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